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All Breed K9 Academy makes every attempt to keep prices current, however please note prices subject to change at any time. For information on these or any E-Collars please contact us at (208) 755-4090

Bark Collars

Dogtra 175 NCP $175.00
Dogtra 200 NCP $199.00
Dogtra 202 NCP $295.00
Dogtra 1500 NCP $220.00
Dogtra 1502 NCP (2 dog) $359.00
Dogtra 1800 NCP $278.00
Dogtra 1802 NCP (2 dog) $399.00
Dogtra 1803 NCP (3 dog) $499.00
Dogtra 1804 NCP (4 dog) $599.00
Dogtra 1900 NCP $249.99
Dogtra 1902 NCP $379.99

Bark Collars

Dogtra Yapper Stopper $79.99

Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter $99.99

    Tips for Remote Collar Conditioning:

1.  How Tight Should the Remote Collar Be Around My Dog's Neck?

 All remote trainers are designed to be worn snug on the dog's neck or the stimulation will not be consistent. If it seems that your dog isn't feeling the stimulation, try tightening the collar strap a notch and wiggle the contact points firmly against his neck to ensure that they've reached through his under coat. Also, if your dog has a dense under coat, the long contact points will make better contact than the short ones. If your dog's breathing sounds hoarse, loosen the strap.
2.  What Age Should My Dog Be Before I Can Begin Using an e-collar On Him?

We normally suggest that a dog be at least 3 to 4 months old before using the collar for two reasons. First, your dog needs to have a basic understanding of what is expected of him, as well as know the meaning of basic commands. Secondly, by this age most breeds have reached the minimum weight required to comfortably support the weight of the collar. 

3.  What is the Difference Between Continuous and Momentary Stimulation?

Continuous stimulation is a constant period of stimulation received by the dog for a maximum of approximately nine seconds (safety time-out varies by remote trainer model) or until the user releases the transmitter button, whichever comes first. 
Momentary stimulation is a quick "attention getter" that lasts only for a fraction of a second, regardless of how long the button is pressed.


4.  What is the Purpose of a 'Dummy Collar'

The dummy collar is used to get your dog used to the weight and feel of a real collar. 

5.  What Stimulation Level Should I Use to Begin Training My Dog?

The size and age of the dog does not play a part in determining the starting stimulation level. The breed of dog plays only a small part, because dog's sensitivity thresholds vary more by the individual dog than they do by breed. We recommends that you always start with the lowest intensity level and work your way up as needed. Remember that as distractions around the dog change, you may need to adjust the intensity level used.


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