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In-Kennel Training

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About Us and Our Dog Trainer 

All Breed K9 Academy was founded by Peter B. Olson in 2000 and is located in beautiful North Idaho, just north of Coeur d'Alene.  We welcome clients from Spokane, Newport, Sandpoint, Priest River, Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and all surrounding areas.

All Breed provides top-notch Canine Training such as In Kennel Training (also known as Board & Train or Doggie Boot Camp), Products and great client support.  Through our commitment, experience, and expertise All Breed K9 Academy has established a business relationship with our clients that will last a lifetime. 

Our trainer is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and is backed by an accredited education with years of hands on experience in all areas of canine behavior and training.   In-Kennel Training, Private lessons, Obedience, Protection, Specializing in evaluating and correcting aggressive behaviors or phobia related issues.

Peter B. Olson    Certified Master Trainer  References Available  

We are experienced in working with individuals one on one or in-group lessons and create an overall healthy relationship between people and their pets. We strongly believe that all pets should be up-to-date on vaccines required by local law and all health exams. As with any true behavior problem, we encourage our clients to have proper blood work done and a physical examination by a veterinarian.



Here are only a few ways that we are different from other trainers... 


Personal service! We offer smaller obedience classes (4-6), which allow more one on one time and are less stressful on your dog.

We want you to see continued success in your pet, which is why we focus on teaching you effective handling skills.

Money-Back Guarantee!  By following simple instruction and doing your homework, you will see results!

We're available 6 days a week to answer any questions or assist if you need help.

We work with all breeds of dogs.

We explain and suggest several training methods... allowing you to pick which one would work best for you, your family and your pet. 

We offer free evaluations and group discounts.

No problem is too big!  Ranging from separation anxiety to aggressive behavior, we can help you.


Evaluating A Trainer or Training Class

When choosing an instructor or an upcoming class, be sure to not finalize your decision based on price.  As we all know, you get what you pay for.  Since there are no laws regulating this profession, most anyone can start a training class with little or no experience. 

One of the best ways to choose an instructor would be to watch them work with a dog.  You should see a dog that is happy and willing to work for them.  Watch how the instructor and the dog interact with each other during the training session and after the dog has been released from the command.  Watch the instructor with his own dog.  If the instructor has a hard time getting his own dog to work, there is a possibility that this person will not be able to help you with your canine.  Don't be afraid to ask questions about different training methods.  Reputable trainers will offer several training techniques, not simply their preferred method.  As well, you can always ask for references or ask your veterinarian!

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    Training Dogs... Teahcing People!

    All Breed K9 Academy

    PO Box 1876
    Priest River, ID  83856
    Phone: (208) 755-4090  


    Hours: By appointment only                                 

    Monday - Saturday 9-11am to 1-6pm   

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